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Azur Lane Illustrious - Dakimakura Anime Shop

Azur Lane Illustrious - Dakimakura Anime Shop

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Otaku Animation Design Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of animation peripheral products. Improve quality products for customers with strong R&D capabilities and production technology. Through years of development, we have comprehensively improved the technical capabilities of the industry, with a large design team and independent production plants.

* If you need a pillow core, please select it from the up list.
Double-sided high quality image printed by digital sublimation printing with the finest ink, invisible zipper.
* The images printed on to the pillow cases are uncensored and without any watermarks.
* Your orders will be packed in best condition and fast deliver to you safe and intact.
* Five fabrics to choose: peach skin / japanese textile / natural velvet / 2 way tricot / new 2 way tricot.

Fabric Parameters

Peach Skin Dakimakura
Fabric characteristics: Peach skin fabric is the most favourable material, which has high cost performance, pretty color rendering, soft and smooth feeling, and nice durability, but nearly with no elasticity.

Japanese Textile Dakimakura
Fabric characteristics: This guy is a step up from peach skin but still the average Joe of the group. While it doesn't excel in any particular area, it doesn't disappoint either. Picture quality is quite good and when referring to softness, it has peach skin beat.

Natural Velvet Dakimakura
Fabric characteristics: Short velvet on the surface, it feels relatively thick, soft and warm, it's really suitable for winter. It will not serve you long in terms of durability. Another downside is the picture quality which isn't as defined as other fabrics due to the nature of velvet.

Two Way Tricot Dakimakura
Fabric characteristics: This is the God among Gods! It has the best picture quality! It's softness-o-meter is off the charts! Best of all, it will last FOREVER!! This tends to be the most expensive fabric as well, but who has ever heard of a cheap god? Exactly, no one. So if you have money to spare then this really should be your number one choice when deciding to buy your dakimakura. 

(1) It has a large elasticity and can stretch in both directions. It is easy to set the pillow
(2) Feel delicate, soft and comfortable to touch
(3) High print precision
(4) No static electricity, no wrinkling
(5) Warmth is good.

Low durability. Mainly manifested in easy to dirty, easy to hook silk. If it is used every day, it will begin to be damaged in less than two months. After a year, the hand feels less smooth.
New two way tricot materials have been improved in this respect.

Two Way Tricot Video

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sherwin Danielle Sulit


Better than expected!!

Ive never had a body pillow before and I wasnt sure what to expect but the quality is exceptional and the delivery time was quicker than I expected. Finally something to tackle my insomnia. Thanks guys!!!


I was expecting this to be cheap and poorly made. Thank God I was wrong! It's absolutely gorgeous. It's super soft, the colors are super vibrant. Absolutely zero complaints. 10/10 will buy again

Good stuff!

It’s perfect! Came in a couple weeks, it’s so soft and the picture is super clear and I’m very happy :) I was nervous with this being my first dakimakura but I’m super happy with it.

Literally Perfect!

I love it so much! I'm in the US and it came 17 days after placing the order! Customer service is super helpful and understanding! The deisgn looks perfect, feels great! Overall amazing! When it came, the packaging was super tightly packed and taped good so it'd stay in tact! No complaints! Easy to wash, but be careful if you have cats with super sharp claws!! Keep them away at all costs. My cats scratched it up a little, but it still looks fine!